Although schooling is theoretically compulsory in Nepal and India, many families don't have the means to send their children to school. School fees, books and a school uniform have to be paid for. If the school is farther away accommodation, food and transport cause additional costs.

Young people receiving professional training don't earn any money; often, they even have to pay an apprenticeship premium.

By becoming a sponsor you give a child or a young adult the opportunity to go to school, or to go to a better school than would otherwise have been possible, and to get professional training that will later allow her or him to be independent.


In countries like India and Nepal, destitute elderly people lead a very difficult life. National health insurance, statutory minimum pensions or social security as we know it do not exist. Usually old people are taken care of by their family. In cases where there is no family which could fulfill this function, they have to get by as they can. Often they are sick, have no education or other qualifications and are unable to work. This leaves them without any means of subsistence and without medical care. By sponsoring an elderly person you can ensure that their basic needs are met and help her or him not to have to rely on alms.

School children, young adults in professional training and the elderly can be sponsored with an amount of €25 per month. For children and adults living in a monastery €15 per month assures provides for their essential needs.

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