Himalaya Hilfe - What it is

The main aim of Himalaya Hilfe is to give children and young adults from the region the opportunity to attend school or get professional training. This will enable them to lead an independent life.
Another field of activity is sponsoring of children and adults who live in Buddhist monasteries and elderly people without financial resources and a family that could support them.
All of these activities are supported through sponsorships and specific-purpose donations.

All staff are unpaid volunteers. Sabine Wollmann and Ulli Göbel, the founders of the Himalaya Hilfe, travel through the Himalayan region twice a year and personally distribute the donations. This allows them to personally verify the conditions under which those who receive assistance live, and assure that they are still complying with the eligibility requirements for the support they receive. Children and teenagers have to provide proof of enrolment in an educational establishment, e.g. their school report cards.
100% of the funds from sponsorships and purpose-bound donations are passed on to the sponsored individuals and projects. All other expenses are covered by general donations.

Himalaya Hilfe on tour in Asia